Completed Projects

Here’s a sampling of our accomplishments:

AmeriCorps at Deception Pass

In 2010, the park’s Interpretive Specialist was lost due to State Parks budget cuts. This left the park without any staff dedicated to educational work. The Foundation believes that interpretation and environmental education are among the most important functions of … Continue reading

Navy Interpretive Sign

Any regular visitor to Deception Pass State Park knows that low flying aircraft from the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station are a fact of life here. Their main runways are a mere 3 miles from the park and often there are … Continue reading

Recreation Hall CCC Photo Exhibit

Tens of thousands of people come to the Cornet Bay Retreat Center each spring and summer. However, few of them realize that they are staying on the same grounds as the young men of the Civilian Conservations Corps (CCC) that developed Deception Pass State … Continue reading

Bowman Bay Trail Bridge

When the footbridge at the beginning of the trail to Lighthouse Point and Lottie Bay recently began to give way, the Whidbey Island Retired Chief Petty Officer’s Association stepped up to construct a new one. The Retired Chiefs have contributed hundreds of … Continue reading

Junior Ranger Programs

Becoming a Junior Ranger is an important experience for any young camper! Every summer, thousands of kids attend Junior Ranger events and programs at Deception Pass. Junior Rangers are taught about respecting nature, park safety and natural history, and complete … Continue reading

CCC Interpretive Signs at Cornet Bay

Out of the thousands of people that come to the Cornet Bay Retreat Center each year, few realize that they are staying on the same grounds as the Civilian Conservation Corps did while they were working to develop Deception Pass … Continue reading

The West Beach Sand Dunes Interpretive Signs

The Foundation helped fund the production and installation of 18 interpretive signs detailing the natural history of the West Beach Sand Dunes and other nearby ecosystems. Much of the research and all of the artwork for these signs was done … Continue reading

Goose Rock Interpretive Signs

Goose Rock is the highest point on Whidbey Island and one of the most popular hikes in the park.  At the summit, visitors are treated to spectacular views of the surrounding area and a chance to see a rare ecosystem: rocky balds.  Over … Continue reading

Civilian Conservation Corps Stove Restorations

The stove shelters at Cranberry Lake and North Beach are among the most popular of the many Civilian Conservation Corps-built structures at Deception Pass. They were constructed in the 1930s and until recently, they were really starting to show their … Continue reading

John Tursi Commemorative Sign

Deception Pass State Park was home to two camps of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) members during the 1930s and early 1940s.  They built trails, benches, kitchen shelters, wash rooms, and caretaker residences that are still in use today.  One of … Continue reading

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