Tide Pool Visits

The Rosario Beach Tide Pools are one of the most popular places for groups and classes to visit in the park.  During the spring and summer, thousands of people flock to this small and fragile ecosystem, making it challenging to preserve them for everyone to enjoy. The tide pools are beloved, but have not always been taken care of. They are still recovering from past abuse. For this reason, a reservation is required for groups of 10 people or more visiting the tide pools. Groups are rarely turned away. Reservations help us to spread out large numbers of visitors over multiple days and decrease the impact of big groups.

  • Due to excessive trampling in the past, we have installed a rope trail system at the tide pools.  It is important that all members of your group stay on the trail.  Please ensure that your students/group members understand this, and (if necessary) that you have enough chaperones to keep your group under control.
  • Click here to view tide tables for Deception Pass (the tide pools are best viewed at a -2 or lower).
  • Because the tide pools are very popular, the park cannot guarantee your first choice of date/time, especially in May and June.  The sooner you book, the better.
  • A Group Visit Request Form can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The tide pools are an excellent outdoor classroom.  Additionally, there is now an indoor classroom adjacent to the tide pools equipped with microscopes and other educational tools.  Please contact Interpretive Services if you are interested in using the Rosario Classroom during your visit.

Without support provided by the Foundation, Deception Pass would not have the staffing to keep the tide pools open for groups and school visits.  For this reason, a donation of $2 is requested for each student/attendee.

For scheduling please contact Deception Pass Interpretive Services at (360) 675-3767 ext. 231 or DeceptionPass.Interpreter@parks.wa.gov.

Tide Pool Prep Materials:


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