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Hello Beach Naturalists! 

This page is intended to assist you in getting involved in our group visits and field trips for this season as a station leader. We believe that Beach Naturalists are the keystone species in a flourishing program out in the tide pools! Without your help, we would not be able to educate as many students as we wish, or meet the demand.  

Our Rosario Tide Pool Field Trips are a hit in the months of April-July, as warmer weather appears and the low tides greet us in the afternoon. The amount of Beach Naturalists needed to run each field trip will depend on the size of the group, which will be facilitated by stations. The maximum amount of students allowed in the tide pools at once is 15. So our main goal with stations is to break down group sizes into 15 or less students.  

On any given Rosario Field Trip, we would need 1-3 Beach Naturalists out in the tide pools, depending on how many students are in attendance. Along with this, each additional station requires 1 Beach Naturalist as its leader. 

For example: If we have a Rosario tide pool Field Trip with 56 students, we would break it down into 4 rotation-stations, so that each station has 14 students. Station #1 would have 2-3 Beach Naturalists in the tide pools. Station #2 could be the “Adapt-A-Critter” activity. Station #3 would be the Rosario Field Classroom, and Station #4 could be a teacher led station. For this field trip, we would ask for 4-5 Beach Naturalists to volunteer on SignUp

This is the “Menu of Activities” that trained Beach Naturalists station leaders will choose from for their stations. It is also the same list that school group leaders will be provided to choose from. To be a leader of a station, you have to attend one of the Interpretive Training sessions, or seek approval from one of the Deception Pass State Park Interpreters. 

Menu of Activities include: 

Maiden of Deception Pass Story (approved by the Samish)






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